10am Church is the main family service for our Jackson Avenue site, offering a Crèche and a full Sunday School programme for kids of all ages.

Who are we as a church family? We’re a group who are keen to hear, to know and to share the good news about Jesus, his life, death and resurrection for us. We are a family who desire to have a delight in God that overflows into all of our lives, and we are a church that looks to educate, encourage and empower people of all ages as they come and join us for worship.


Our main meeting place is the main church building, but our children’s and youth ministries happen all across the site. We meet, all together, at 10am on Sunday mornings, and part way through the service, the kids head out to their Kids’ Church programmes.

After the service, people enjoy morning tea together and we occasionally do other activities together on Sundays for lunch.

Many members of St. Luke’s also meet regularly for mid-week bible studies and a range of other social activities.


Come along to 10am Church and you can expect a warm welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you’re dressed in your “Sunday best”, or in a t-shirt and shorts, whether you’re an old hand at church, or this is your first time. 10am church is a congregation where we want to joyfully celebrate the God who made us, and we’re keen for anybody to come and join us.

During the service we’ll sing, pray, we’ll read the bible together and we’ll will explore the passage a little further in a sermon. Depending on the Sunday, we may also have a baptism, join together in communion, or get an update from one of the missionaries we support locally and around the globe!

At 10am church we have a full kids’ program from creche through to year 9 at school.

Creche age kids (1-2 year olds) are signed into their program in the Cottage before the service begins.

Preschool - Year 5 kids are all signed in in front the church and then join with the adults for the beginning of the service. After the first 15 minutes or so where there will be some songs and a kids’ spot, all of the kids head out to their programs for the morning. In each of these groups kids will follow our Grow Curriculum as they hear from the Bible, spend time in small groups, play some games and have lots of fun.

Playhouse is our preschool group.

Clubhouse is our Kindergarten to Year 2 group.

Treehouse is our Years 3-5 group.

During the service we also run Junior Church which is a group for Years 6-9. It runs in Top Deck on site, just up the ramp outside the main church building.

For more information about the Kids’ & Youth programs please click here.

No matter what age or stage of life you’re in, we’d love to welcome you to our church family at St. Luke’s. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our Senior Minister and focus pastor,  Brett Middeton.