On Saturday 6th May, 1899 Archbishop William Saumarez Smith laid the foundation stone for a new Anglican Church in Miranda. The small weatherboard building would serve the people of Miranda for more than seventy years. However, its inadequate capacity was soon recognized, as both the church and the surrounding population of the Shire quickly grew.

In May, 1970, to pave the way for the next stage of growth for St Luke’s, the Reverend Keith Gowan laid the foundation stone for a new Church building. Its design was revolutionary at the time, and its architecture has become iconic and easily recognizable.

St Luke's has grown from that little weatherboard village Church into a vibrant community within the thriving commercial center of the Shire. 120 years on, we’re still meeting in the same place, with the same goal of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ, the most significant person in history, to the community.