“The light shines in the darkness...” (John 1:5)

At St Luke’s we imagine a church where delight in God overflows into all of life, where enduring truth inspires courageous witness, and where the lost surrender to the mercy of Christ.

However, in our dark world, it can sometimes be hard to imagine that vision becoming reality. But John 1:1-18 reminds us that God has not left us in the dark, but instead he has shone his light into the darkness. He has sent his Word into the world, and his Word is life for those who receive it.

This year at St Luke’s we want to speak that word into the hearts of friends, families and strangers. Our objective is simple – for each of us to see one person in one year find life in Jesus. It almost seems impossible. But with God all things are possible!

So take the card home today, and stick it on your fridge alongside the other missionaries you pray for. And start praying that God will shine his light in the darkness… 

Dan Bidwell, Local Mission Pastor