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School chaplaincy remains a high priority for St Luke’s and we rejoice in the chaplaincy that takes place in both private and public schools. We continue to pray for the school chaplains from our church:

·         James Peters – Inaburra

·         Cassie Romberg – Kurnell

·         Jen Shade – Luguna Street

·         Helen Hodsdon – Miranda North

·         Jo Bidwell – Yowie Bay

The NSW government has recently advised that funding to our two parish primary schools: Yowie Bay & Miranda North, has been:

·         halved in the case of Yowie Bay – Jo Bidwell, and

·         eliminated in the case of Miranda North – Helen Hodsdon

However, I have spoken with both school principals whose desire is to continue the positions at the 2 days a week level. I have indicated our desire to partner with the schools in raising the funds necessary to make up for the difference. We therefore need to raise some money now to start the year well.

Money raised for school chaplaincy is tax deductible so if you are in a position to make a donation at this time, the way to do so is to give to GENR8 via St Luke’s:

·         Placed in the offertory bag – marked GENR8 and your name -cheques need to be made to St Luke's Miranda. Or handed in at the Church Office.

·         Electronically deposited:

o   Name: St Luke's Miranda

o   BSB: 062 204

o   Account Number: 28024796

o   Reference: Genr8 + your name