In 2013 my friend Greg Cooper and I sat down to write a song about the Reformation. After countless conversations, edits and average home recordings, we met last month to make a live recording of the finished song. God Alone be Glorified is our effort to express in song something of the truths which were recaptured by those men and women who loved the truth more than their lives, and by their living and dying sought above all the glory of our God and Father.

Verse 4 of the song is my prayer for our whole church this term.
May our faith be:
“kindled into flame
And daily fueled till we obtain
The promises that you have made
In your living word alone.”

We’ll be learning God Alone be Glorified later in the term but until then you can watch the video on our church website.

All glory be to God alone,
Mike Begbie - Focus Pastor for 5pm.