In a culture that is trying to silence religious discussion, we wanted to give our friends and neighbours the chance to ask God the hard questions. We wanted to create a safe space for thoughtful, respectful and civil discussions of matters that are deeply important to all of us. And we didn’t want to shy away from the issues that are contentious even among believers.

Each of the topics we will be discussing next term came from questions our friends and neighbours have asked. This is the perfect opportunity to invite them along to church to continue the conversation. So start praying, start inviting, and start the conversation.

Dan Bidwell, Local Missions Pastor

Talk topics available Sundays during Term 3:

"What about Science?" 24.07.2016

"Why Bother Asking?" 31.07.2016

"Is the Bible Made Up?" 07.08.2016

"Why Send People to Hell?" 14.08.2016

"Why is there Suffering?" 21.08.2016

"Homosexuality?" 28.08.2016

"Other Religions and God?" 04.09.2016

"Religion, War and Violence?" 11.09.2016

"Christianity and Hypocrisy?" 18.09.2016

"Can I be Sure of Heaven?" 25.09.2016