When Paul stood in front of the meeting at the Areopagus it was at the invitation of men who were puzzled by his teaching: he was presenting something new and they wanted to know what it meant. After all, everyone who lived in Athens ‘spent their time doing nothing but talking about and listening to the latest ideas’ (Acts 17:19-21)

Not so today. We proclaim the ‘old, old story’, not something new. When Christians are invited to speak, it is usually by Christians and often to Christians, though we hope others might be listening in. It is a rare moment when ideas are listened to and talked about in any depth. And our public forums are no longer face-to-face but in cyberspace: where attitude trumps advocacy and persuasion is discarded for pith.

Yet we proclaim the same gospel that remains vitally important for our city to hear. And the reactions of those who do stop to listen remain the same; some sneer but others believe.

How to be Christian in an online world is something we need to learn. If you’re confronted by the realities of digital relationships and online conversations, come along and hear how God’s ancient wisdom laid down in Ephesians, speaks into our modern world.

·         When: Thursday 17th March 2016 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm

·         Where: Moore College, 15 King St Newtown

·         Cost: $15 (supper provided)

·         Buy tickets online at www.moore.edu.au/ccl/tickets

We are sharing a Thai meal at 6pm in Newtown.

We can car pool and provide transport home for CBD workers.

Lloyd Zietch