Medical support:

Year 13 Fiji Trip are looking for someone who has medical training (nurses, doctors, paramedics etc) to do first aid and provide medical support for the team of approx. 130 people. The role requires oversight of the physical health of the team members and dealing with medical concerns ranging from cuts and abrasions to significant concerns involving hospitalization.

Short term mission with World Share:

You are invited to a World Share Evening: on Tuesday 12th April at 7:30pm at St Lukes. Di Watson is hosting an evening to share information on long and short term missions with World Share. Come and hear Alfred and Alsie who have partnered with WorldShare to minister to the people of China since 2002. They focus on reaching the poor, rural minority tribes of China who have never heard the word of Christ. Their work includes community development projects to demonstrate Gods love in practical ways, and includes working with Short Term Teams in particular amongst minority groups.

Welcome home:

o   Gabby and Hugh Pearson, from Arusha, Tanzania

o   Jocelyn and Colin Glendinning from Katoke, Tanzania