“For many people the name Rwanda is indelibly linked with genocide. In April - July 1994 about 800,000 men, women and children were brutally put to death.

For us at St Luke’s, Rwanda has another far more positive connection. A number of our people went on short term missions to Rwanda with African Enterprise and it was during one of these visits in November 2012 that the leaders of AE in Rwanda invited me (Jack Normand) to return to help them train their pastors.

We teach a course which is based on the first six subjects of the External Studies course from Moore College.  In August 2014 and April 2015 Vicki and I were joined by Greg Ball from Hurstville Grove and one of his friends. About 46 pastors and church leaders attended and are thankful they have this opportunity.

We leave this October to teach a further two subjects. But this time accompanied by two of our own staff members from St Luke’s, Dan Bidwell (Jo will join him for the second week) and Jennie Everist. This is exciting both for them and for us as a parish as their ministry will be an expression of the partnership we all have in this work.

Please pray for us all as we travel and teach in the last two weeks of October.”

Jack Normand