"Hi Stephen,

I wanted to write to say thankyou so much for the group that came from your church to ours last week. In short, our parish won’t be the same again. I can see how God was so involved in the timing and that it would not have had the same effect in previous years. 

We are learning how to be gospel focussed people and all of those who came have given us such a boost in this regard.

The vast majority of people in our congregations have known no other church than this one. While we are unable to take them all to a well focussed and alive church, it was great for us to have part of one come here to us.

The team were such a good mix of gifts, personalities and stories of grace and were all so well received. The usual caution about people from Sydney evaporated in no time. 

The events all hit their mark very well and have given us such a good platform for follow up with groups of people that we could not have normally had much reach into.  

One of the other main benefits has been the encouragement and equipping that we are able to do more than we thought we could before. Few people in the parish could have thought that we could hold outreach events that were both engaging with the gospel and enjoyable at the same time! There have been a number of eager conversations amongst people as to how to do things next time.

I’ve been looking to get more people involved in pastoral visiting for a while and Jennie’s workshop has given them confidence to do that. I would love it if we could have more such equipping and encouraging times into the future, something that other churches in the area could also benefit from in getting the gospel out.

Being the Anglican Church in a small country town gives us great opportunities that we will now be able to make more of as a church, God willing this will also mean we can have a greater effect on the town itself.

I am so thankful that we are able to see the past week as a beginning of something great not the end of a nice week. 


Thank you, Miranda!

Yours in Christ,  Rev. Phil Howes"

Anglican Church of Narromine-Trangie