In 2015 and 2016 small, dedicated teams from St Luke’s (with friends) travelled to the village of Narromine (west of Dubbo) for 8 days of fellowship with the local parish.  These visits were at the invitation of the Minister of the parish, Rev Phil Howes.

The challenge for our teams was simple – live with local families and work with members of the parish to raise awareness of the need for evangelism within the town.  The parish hosted Beer and BBQ nights, Soup, Sweets and Stories nights, Garden Teas, and other outreach events.  We spent time with them sharing the Christianity Explored program and doing some training on evangelism. We helped make a community garden in the church grounds and when things were quiet, we carried out Backyard Blessings – tidying up the yards of locals who were not members of the church and would benefit from a bit of love.

The work was exciting, tiring and a great blessing to all involved.

The following letter of thanks has been received and we would like to share it with you all and to say thank you for your partnership through prayer in this exciting adventure:

Hi Jennie,

Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to all who have come to Narromine. The great advantages that were begun in 2015 were certainly consolidated last year.

The outlook of our parish towards gospel reach has massively increased as a result.

We now have James and Brittany Daymond resident in the parish as a BCA supported evangelist and we’re starting a new service at 5pm at the end of April.

None of this would be anywhere near effective if it had not been for people from Miranda coming along in the past couple of years. Miranda will always have a significant part in the history of this parish, as so many things begun will continue with the confidence gained that we can do it.

I am also so thankful that fellowship continues and for those who keep in touch with people here. Visitors are always welcome.

Thankyou Miranda.

Yours in Christ, Phil