Because church is for everyone

At St Luke’s we believe that everyone of every age is welcome. We have groups on both Sundays and throughout the week that exist for people from birth through to seniors.



We have a great program during the week and on Sunday’s for children who haven’t yet started school.

We spend time having lots of fun and learning big things about our big God.


Primary School

Being in primary school is one of the most exciting and challenging things a child will do. There are great friends to be made and great things to learn.

At St Luke’s we want to partner with families as their kids grow through primary school and help them to see how following Jesus is the best thing that they can do.


High School

At St Luke’s we have a thriving ministry to teenagers through our youth ministry program. We think that being a teenager is a great time of life and it is a great moment to set the direction of your life as you follow Jesus.


Young Adults

Our young adult community seeks to grow together as we leave high school and begin work or study further. We think that Jesus has lots to say as we being adult life and want to go deep in relationship with Jesus and with each other.



There are a range of groups and events for adults at St Luke’s. Our vision is to see people grow through every phase and stage of life. Our ministries to adults seeks to see people continue to grow throughout all of life.