To partner with parents and families to see a generation grow to love and follow Jesus

At St Luke's Miranda our desire is to partner with parents and guardians to raise their children to love and follow Jesus Christ. In each of our groups children are encouraged to get to know and love Jesus in a place that is safe, fun and specifically designed for them. 

All of our programs come under the oversight of our Children's Minister, Cameron Harte, and are lead by trained volunteers who have completed Safe Ministry training and are up to date with the NSW government guidelines in relation to obtaining a Working with Children Check Number.

Ministry to children, youth and the vulnerable is an enormous privilege. These ministries provide great opportunities to talk to people about who Jesus is and why he is so important, hence they are immensely important to the life of a Church. With these ministries comes significant responsibility, so at St Luke's we are committed to ensuring that we are an environment that is safe for those in our care.

Please see our safe ministry page for more information.

For more information please contact the Church office on (02)9540 4558

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Grow Curriculum

Across all of our Kids’ Ministry programs from creche to year 5 we teach a program called Grow. Grow is an excellent program that seeks to teach young people in an engaging and age-appropriate way the truths of the Bible. We teach in different methods in each of our programs so that kids aren’t taught in the same way throughout the week, but we seek to reinforce the truth for the week throughout each of our programs.

Click here to download a copy of the scope and sequence of Grow


CLUBHOUSE & Treehouse

We have a great program at both our Jackson Ave 10am and Miranda North services for primary school kids. We begin in church for the first 15 minutes before kids head out to their age appropriate programs for the rest of the morning where they do activities and read the Bible together.

A key feature of our Sunday morning programs are our small groups. Each week kids meet with a consistent leader and the same group of their peers as they read the Bible and apply it to their lives.

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Sprouts is a group for boys and girls who are in Kindergarten - Year 2 at primary school. Sprouts runs each Thursday afternoon during school term. We play some fun games, learn from the Bible, and have lots of fun with our friends.

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Arvos is a new group in 2019 which is a place for kids in years 3-6 to spend time hanging out with their peers and a group of leaders. If kids have homework they are welcome to bring it with them, but we’ll play some games and have lots of fun as well.

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G4J is a group for girls in years 3-5 where we play some games, hear from the Bible and spend time with our friends each week.

SLABS is a group for boys in years 3-5 where we play some games, hear from the Bible and hang out with our friends each week.


BAttlers & Battlerettes

Battlers (boys) and Battlerettes (girls) are groups for year 6 boys and girls, which run at the same time as SLABS & G4J. Battlers and Battlerettes are transition groups as year 6 prepare to move into youth ministry in term 4. They spend time each week with leaders who will go with them into youth ministry forming strong friendships in their last year at primary school.


To register for our Thursday afternoon programs, please click here to be taken to an online registration form

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Parent Cue App

A resource that we provide families is a phone app called Parent Cue. This is a way to know what your kids are learn each week as the app is updated each Monday. This app includes the Bible content for the week, discussion starters and questions and key phrases to use around your kids to ensure that your voice is the first they hear each week when it comes to growing to love and follow Jesus.

Click here for the Parent Cue App Set Up Guide

Monthly Parent/Guardian Email

Each month we send out an email with the upcoming month’s teaching content, resources for parents & families and any other key information about our kids’ ministry programs.

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